Happy moments have a home!

If there is a place in the world where things are still the way they should be, then it is in the Tegernsee valley. Here cattle graze on lush green meadows under the blue and white sky by one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria. Here traditions are maintained and traditional costumes worn with pride. This is where there is much to celebrate and plenty to do all year round. And this is where people really appreciate the good and honest. Whether from person to person or hand- and homemade.

(*Photographer: Egbert Krupp | Tegernseer Tal Tourismus GmbH)

Perfectly happy in summer

Which blue would you prefer? Sky blue, Caribbean turquoise or deep blue? In the summer, the lake welcomes you with almost all possible blue tones. With lush green pastures, a white-blue picture book sky and a wonderful feeling that promises everything: hot days by the cooling lake and mild nights in the beer garden at the legendary, hearty forest festivals or at one of the many lake parties. Where, if not here can you see the perfect side of summer?


Adventure tips

  • A variety of golf courses in unique locations in the alpine uplands around the Tegernsee
  • Challenging sailing trips on one of the most interesting sport boats - the Daysailer yachts type blu26
  • Paragliding with breathtaking views of the Tegernsee valley
  • Wind surfing on one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria
  • Exciting hot air balloon rides over the Tegernsee valley
  • Eventful climbing tours in the alpine upland 

This is no everyday life

What a wind! Anyone who has ever sailed on the Tegernsee will not be able to hold back the enthusiasm. Because, due to the special thermic conditions, this lake can almost guarantee wind like no other lake in Upper Bavaria. This is where sailors really get their money’s worth, regardless of whether they just want to go for a leisurely sail or race in one of the regattas. If you want to learn more about the wind and the waves, we guarantee high-quality instruction in the context of sailing courses offered by us at the Sailingcenter sailing school.

The quality of their boats is unique in the Upper Bavarian lakes. Or may we invite you to an evening of champagne sailing with special catering? But perhaps you would prefer to have a round of golf rather than go for a sail.

In that case, you will find a true golfer's paradise in the area around the Tegernsee. Two challenging 18-hole golf courses, a 6-hole short course for beginners as well as a wide-area driving range provide paradisiacal golfing conditions. And if you are looking for even more variety, you will find eight further golf courses within half an hour's drive. Wonderful prospects, wouldn’t you say? 

Blaze of colour in the autumn

There it is again – that special light when the sun's rays light up the trees in autumn, as if each leaf were a small light. When the wonderful landscape is transformed into a natural paradise, embodying nature’s colours in perfection. When the cow bells can be heard from the cattle drive and when the sun warms, but no longer scorches – that is when every hour, every minute and every second in nature has a special quality which is so very worthwhile. 

Perfectly happy in winter

When the snow makes a crunching sound with every step. When you pull your bobble hat further down into your face and your hands deeper into your pockets. When ice crystals glitter in the sun and the landscape is dipped in bright white ... that is when it is winter at the lake. It is time for sporty skiing into the valley, for delving into Spa bliss or for wonderful moments at the gluhwein stand during the magic of advent at the Tegernsee. 

Spring awakening

The first warm days. The sun brings a pleasant feeling to the skin. A foretaste of the approaching summer brings feelings of true happiness. Spring is here and it seems as though the lake and its people come to life again. We are all drawn out into the open to see how nature comes alive again.